Special Creations


Our thirst for innovation drives us to many corners of the world in search of inspiration, flavors and ingredients that are worth sharing with you.


Where all the magic happens, our Research & Development Department can create your dream bread, pastry or cake with the right reference and inspiration. All custom orders are devised and quoted on a  per product basis and there is no guarantee that we are able and immediately prepared to fulfill your request. Please  take into consideration that we require at least 1 month of research and development  before being able to rest physical samples. For any further inquiries you may contact our wholesale department or send us your inquiry below.

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A QUICK WORD / Yota - Business Development Director

"Indonesia is rich with flavours, sensations and inspiration - that experience is what we want to give to our customers." 

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If you already know what you are looking, please send us your inquiry below. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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